Debut of the Filtiarn

The strong lead the weak, the lone wolf leads the sheep and leads the pack, follow as part of the pack or face the fate of all ignorant beings.

As this is my first entry to this, nay, any blog I might as well break the ice as blunt and clean cut as possible. My name is Bradley Furgerson, I am 19 years old, soon approaching 20, and despite my short time in this world I have had many life experiences that make me somewhat of an oddity of my generation; in text form, especially in the early and formal format, I tend to indulge in a more lavish method of thought conveyance that tends to showcase a slight god complex I tend express, so please bear with me as that may be the case often. My blog title, the Lair of the Filtiarn showcases a minute detail about my personality; Filtiarn means Lord of the Wolves, I tend to use similes and such relating to wolves as part of my “divine persona” if you will.

A few offhand details about me include a love for video games, drawing, and college work; education is a major part of my life and I intend to use my resources wisely to better my future. My all time passion is MMORPGs, with RuneScape being my main game for over 6 years; it may be an oldie with mixed opinions about it but I have a quaint fondness for the game as it was my very first MMO experience as a child and, despite its flaws, it retains a certain charm. From time to time, and probably a large influx at the beginning, I will upload random drawings I have done over time; I freehand everything and things tend to be a bit rough around the edges because I do not digitally edit anything, mainly because I lack access to that technology at present, but I do intend to look into digital art in due time.

As far as introductions go this seems an adequate point at which to stop, I’m sure I’ll have more to add as time goes on and I am eager to receive questions, comments, and to give responses in the future. I hope to have an enjoyable experience in the blogging world and not to be a drag on anyone elses.


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