Unplanned parenthood.

I’ll kick things off with a topic of my own.

One of my major peeves in modern day society is the rate of unplanned pregnancies that seems to be rising every year; this wouldn’t be an issue if the parents were able to sustain the child but more often than not they cannot. Many of my close friends have become a statistic in this issue fresh out of High School, luckily the majority have been able to manage the child along with all the other financial issues that come with being an adult, though this is the hard way of doing things and has it’s own stressors added to the mix. On the other hand a few of my friends in the statistic have fallen victim to the other end of the unplanned pregnancy spectrum, they barely held a financial standing on their own and the father of the child doesn’t assist in any way or other complications, such as unfit fathers with abuse problems.

My major issue with unplanned parenting is how often the individual(s) involved didn’t think about the possibilities beforehand, didn’t plan (obviously) out how to raise a child, weren’t ready for parenting, weren’t mature enough to be truly considered adults, and/or weren’t financially stable enough to sustain themselves without being hard pressed, no less adding a child to the burden. Then these individuals, the majority anyway, complain constantly about the troubles caused by their lack of thought before conceiving the child; this annoys me the most, while a complainer about things myself I truly do hate self pity caused by stupid actions.

Another annoyance with this is the reasoning the affected individuals give if questioned about the situation. Quite a few times I’ve questioned the negligence and lack of thought I’ve been told something along the lines of, “It was in the moment.”; no, this is not an acceptable excuse for any able minded adult to use, lack of thought before doing actions is an immature thing to do and is a sure sign that the repercussion of pregnancy cannot be easily handled.

It is my strong belief that two individuals should have a stable financial state, their own living quarters, both have jobs that pay well enough to cover the cost of living for them both and then some, and be in a committed relationship, preferably married; the marriage part is due to marriage being a legally binding arrangement that assures financial binding between individuals in the household, this ensures little room for bad financial support to be given to the child in the case of relationship issue, which would then be legally bound marital issues. Of course the other alternatives are, obviously, to use protection or, preferably, not to have sex for entertainment purposes or because one is persuaded into doing so as sex is not required to have a good relationship, especially in the early stages.

This has been a sample rant, my mind is a tad jumbled due to the time of writing but the point should be the same.


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