A brief summary of my MMO experience

I began playing RuneScape around May of 2006, this was around my 6th grade year and played a key part in keeping my sanity over the course of Middle School. I’ve been around for five skill releases, numerous updates, and several drastic changes over the course of the last seven years; I’ve also hit many milestones along the way and am close to maxed total levels, a goal I started slowly achieving after completing all quests and tasks. I know that RuneScape has received mixed reviews but it was my first major online experience and has a quaint charm that sets it apart from other online games, the fact it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg in addition to the low system requirements gives it massive appeal over other games; I’ve sampled other games, like Silk Road Online and World of Warcraft, but found them a bit droll in comparison, generic MMOs by all accounts, in my opinion.


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