Random Facts About Me

This is a direct copy/paste from a previously existing notes page I started on Facebook long ago, I doubt any of the information within is outdated so it should still apply to me.

A list of random facts about myself.

*I have a long history of being interested in animals with my favorite species being Canines, especially Wolves.

*My full name is Bradley Ray Furgerson; I share my middle name with two of my nephews and my dad. I prefer to be called Brad.

*I have three older sisters, the youngest being 12 years older then myself, each have two kid, one boy and one girl each.

*My birth day is December 12th 1993, which makes my birth day numbers 12/12.

*My favorite game series are The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong Country, with my all time favorite stand alone games being Okami and its sequel Okami Den.

*I am 6 ft 4 ” tall and have been the tallest member of my immediate family since I was at least 14.

*I have a long term life goal of owning a greenhouse.

*My two career fields of choice would have to be Law and Veterinarian.

*I have a sheer dislike of organized religion.

*I dislike all forms of government due to their impending corruptions but tolerate the lesser of the many evils that we have in America.

*My favorite anime would have to be Wolf’s Rain.

*My favorite book series is The Last Apprentice.

*I have slight ambidextrous abilities.

*My longest standing friends in the real world are Timothy Duncan, Christy Reynolds, Cierra Kelley, Holly Majors, and Melanie Crick.

*I have broken two bones in my body in all of my life, my left wrist and my left elbow.

*My favorite season is fall, winter is my 2nd favorite.

*My favorite holidays are Halloween and Thanks Giving, even though they are commercial like all the others.

*I have only ever “dated” one person.

*My dream vacation spot would be Yellowstone National Park.

*My favorite three colors in order are Purple, Orange, and Black.

*I dislike the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles due to the apparent surplus of douchbags on each but I tolerate the Xbox 360 due to a few offline games.

* The X Box 360 has grown on me, still hate the PS3. Not too fond of either PS4 or X Box One.

*My favorite online game is Runescape. My least favorite is World of Warcraft, due to all its storylines being “kill x amount of y monster and report back to z npc”.

*I have a large collection of Pokemon and Yugioh cards from when I was younger.

*My dream vehicle would have to be a dark green truck with black trim.

*I dislike country things but would love to own a small farm.

*I have a tendency to be very cold hearted; apathetic would be the best word to describe me.

*I severely dislike drama, especially drama that stems from the feeble concept of “love” people around my age group seem to be all about.

*My eyes change color depending on the light in the area, gold in the sun, brown in normal light, and green in darker settings.

*I have a habit of biting my nails.

*My favorite band at present is Seether; however I have been known to swap between favorite bands often.

*While school is torture to others I quite like it, with the exception of Spanish.

*I cannot think of anything to put past this point at this time.

*That last entry is now moot.

*I desire to learn to play the bass guitar.

*I am currently persuing a career as an attorney though I am intrigued by other careers in the field of law.

*Back to having no further points.


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