Favorite Video Game

Nina Crowlace asked another question, this time around it is “What is your favorite video game and why?”

My favorite game titles are always those of The Legend of Zelda series, some aspects of my affinity stem from nostalgia others for how the music and overall feel of the games tend to flow seamlessly. Out of all the Zelda games my favorite, and thus my favorite game, is Twilight Princess; and not just because it features Wolf Link. Twilight Princess takes on a darker tone than most other Zelda games, though Majora’s Mask has a darker theme in general; Majora’s Mask follows a general them of the stages of grief whereas Twilight Princess is just a more gritty Zelda game. I find it difficult to explain why I enjoy the game without presenting spoilers, so here is an obligatory spoiler alert.


From the get go Twilight Princess starts off differently than any other Zelda game, you get a peak into Link’s everyday life by meeting his various neighbors in Ordon Village, you guide him through his everyday farm work, assist in various tasks that form a rough tutorial, and get a real feel for the personalities of NPCs in the game. Things start off a bit slow, you learn of a rare change for Link to travel outside of the village to assist with the delivery of goods to Hyrule Castle for the coronation of Princess Zelda. On the day you are to make the delivery things take a dark spin, along the path towards Hyrule Field you encounter the physical barrier of the Twilight that is engulfing all of Hyrule, from here Link is dragged into the Twilight where his Triforce mark reacts and turns him into Sacred Beast form, an event that leaves him drained physically allowing his captors to transport him to Hyrule Castle. It is in the dungeons of Hyrule Castle where the now Wolf Link meets an imp-like being named Midna who agrees to help free Link if he assists her in locating Fused Shadows for an unknown purpose thus the real adventure begins.


Over the course of the game Link must face several situations that test is courage, as all Zelda games do, however things aren’t always as they seem and the sucker punches this game can throw pack some potency. My words do not do this game proper justice, I suggest anyone who has access to a Wii or Gamecube give this game a whirl.

I will attach a couple of video links(punpunpun) to songs from this game that stood out to me.

My favorite http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xbyXLgUvj8




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