Hypothetical Question – What Superpower(s) Would I Like to Have and Why?

Nina Crowlace asks “If you could have a superpower, other than turning into a wolf, or something else to do with wolves (lol), what would it be?”

If I had to choose a specific type of power it would have to be some form of psychic power, not in the sense of future sight or telekinesis but something along the lines of mental manipulation. Something of a mix between that one vampire from Twilight that has those emotion powers( Jasper I think… it’s been a while since I read that horrible series) and Professor Xavier from X-Men, able to impose an emotional state (preferably of a collected calmness or emotionless state) and to be able to hit key thought aspects of another would be oh so useful for the purpose of influencing others. Reasons for this type of power include being able to better confront people about their problems, impose what I think is an appropriate solution to their problems, initiate a controlled and irrefutable argument about their mindset (to be a devil’s advocate of sorts, something to push people out of their stagnate thought process), among other uses. These powers really just allow me to stroke the god complex a little, honestly I’d probably pretend to be a voice of god because people tend to follow such things without question and who would be able to call me out on it anyway? I wouldn’t become a corrupt person with this type of power, though that depends on where someone stands in respect to what my views on the morality scale are, if anything I’d just pull everyone towards an equilibrium of thought to allow change to occur naturally and then continually keep things in balance so that stagnation no longer occurs; natural order would prevent a stagnation of neutrality so that isn’t a concern, people will find ways to conflict but it is through controlled conflict that change occurs.

I may have gone a bit awol towards the end of that but the general message should be the same, I’m having trouble articulating my thoughts lately due to a spree of constant migraine-esque headaches.


4 thoughts on “Hypothetical Question – What Superpower(s) Would I Like to Have and Why?

  1. An afterthought occurs, I’d need a counterbalance for good measure. With any luck my powers would have come from unlocking an innate sense everyone has so I could potentially unlock someone else’s once I had enough practice.

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