Career Choice

Nina Crowlace asks “You mentioned once (somewhere on the blog, as well) that you are interested in being a lawyer. Why? What draws you to that particular field?”


It isn’t so much the appeal of being an attorney that attracts be so much as the enforcement of law in general; though I’ve been interested in other jobs in the field for similar reasons. Particularly I’m becoming interested in the juvenile justice area, it seems like the best place to help curb the crime wave since kids are impressionable. Of course my other area of appeal is towards the park ranger variation of the policing career, seems like a decent setting to work in. Really I have a lot of options to choose from in the same field. As for why, my family has a long history of being on the crime end of things so I’m drawn to the inverse naturally.


(Not the best response but it should summarize the basics.)


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