Bronies (A Rant on Fandumb)

A recently trend that is once again on the rise is the over obsession of My Little Ponies by a fairly large number of the male population across the globe. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t have any problem with whatever it is that people like, people can make their own choices as to what they like and how they live life. What I DO have a problem with is when grown ass men, usually over the age of 30 but there is a prime demographic anywhere between 12 and 40, acting like giddy school girls over a damn reboot of a cartoon from the 1980’s. It’s fine to have a topic you have an affinity for, obviously I have a slight obsession with wolf based things, but you don’t see me acting like an immature child and designing my whole life around the materialistic parts of my affinity. The target demographic for MLP is young girls, it is designed to “teach” basic lessons in a way the Power Puff Girls (which was an awesome show back in the 1990’s) was designed, and as such it is completely idiotic for grown ass men to be spouting out the aesops like they’re some sort of deeply profound life lesson.

I mentioned Power Puff Girls for a reason. My friend Timothy Duncan has a group of FEMALE friends who do dabble in the MLP craze, this group has often described the show as something akin to the Power Puff Girls in a way that doesn’t come off as some creepy fetish al la the way a bronie would describe things. It seems a double standard filter must be set to see exactly why there is such a problem, the target demographic is young females while the major unintended but large demographic of males clearly exists; with the filter in place it seems that the older aged females, sans the obvious exceptions that exist with any highly popular series where they feign their obsession, have a more solid grasp on being able to discuss the shows content without going into dark/retarded territory. What the observations with the double standard filter in place lead me to believe is that the vast majority of the male population that has suddenly become obsessed with MLP are doing it for the attention, it boils down to “Oh hey society I’m an adult male and I’m enjoying a cartoon meant for young female children, I must be such a special snowflake!” This behaviour needs to stop, it is a beyond annoying trend and it only gets worse when applied to the anonymity of the Internet.

As I said above, it is fine to like whatever you want (within limits, liking illegal things is not covered by that statement) so long as you do so with maturity and out of a sincere like of the topic and not some deranged reason to try and be “unique” even though literally every other person in is trying to be “unique” in the exact same way. This philosophy can spread to other fandoms and not just MLP bronies; back when Twilight started to become popular people took it to extremely irritating levels, the same with The Hunger Games, liking something is fine when you genuinely express interest but doing so because it’s what is popular and then acting immature with it is a horrible way of life.

I could go off on a side rant about how the same basic conclusion about people only acting out of the social norm being applied to the recent explosion of people suddenly revealing their sexual preferences, skewed political views, etc. but those are rants for another day. If anyone wished to pressure me into doing rants on those topics feel free to prod.


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