The Purpose of Ranting

My friend Dillion Coleman made this post on his Facebook recently: “A rant about rants, we already know the world is Fucked, we already know people are selfish and greedy, we already know the government babies us, and we already know of the lies, deceit, and hypocrisy we witness all of these things as daily routine,. What we fail to realize is that none of this going to change. We’ve been trying since the birth of humanity. There is no garden of Eden there is no peace there is only kill or be killed live and let die. Bitch about the problems of the world as every other person who thinks only they can see what’s wrong with society, like every other unique minded person just like you. Nothing will change for you or anyone else. Accept that everyone is the same, backstabbers, liars, and cheats. Realize kill or be killed means you have to be worse than the worst or die without a name. give what you get. So rant about how Fucked everything is all you want, you can’t change it, because we all already know the truth of our ways. We know you think its wrong, we know you don’t care yet spend countless hours ranting about it, we know what we’ve become, we know your the same, we are sin. And we love it. – the human race-“

Naturally he made this post with me specifically in mind, and no that isn’t my ego talking he specifically mentions me in the comments and requested my input. As a quick response I replied with this: “But for what other purpose do we exist but to war? Be it verbal or physical it’s all the same, a means to an end that never truly comes. Without anyone to push the envelope we get a stagnated pool of thought, and stagnation is the ultimate crime. That is the job of a ranter, a Devil’s Advocate whose sole purpose in life is to bring the chaos of argumentation and purge the stagnation that is the essence of life.”

To further elaborate on that view, I take it personally when people put down others for “ranting” about things; now rant in this context means openly expresses their opposition towards a topic in a coherent and thought out way. It is common for people to rant as a form of expression as a way to get their point across loudly; sometimes the topic of the rant can be obscured to the point one may wonder why they’re ranting in the first place. In other times rants may be made against popular opinion, this can go further when in the right hands and rants against popular opinion may be constructed by a person who doesn’t necessarily disagree with the popular side but would like to hear the answers of others when an opposition is posed; these people would be the Devil’s Advocates of society. I fancy myself a Devil’s Advocate, I absolutely love ranting about random topics to spark thoughts; as I said above, without the chaos provoked through rants society will stagnate and suffer. Sometimes a little boat rocking is necessary even if it gets a little water in the boat, though boundaries are necessary to prevent the boat from capsizing by too much rocking; unless it’s a bad idea all around and then sinking the boat at harbor would be the best course of action.

In general this mini-rant was made to explain WHY I rant, even my blog tagline “A place to embrace new ideals.” captures, although vaguely, the main point of my articles. The world needs people to rock the boat, sometimes for no reason other than to rock it.

(As with a lot of my recent posts I feel self conscious about the clarity of the piece as a whole because of the jacked up thought processes going on during typing, if anything seems grossly out of order please bring it to my attention so that I may give it a review and correctly clarify parts where necessary.)


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