I am over joyous at the news that I have an A in my night class, the only class I worried about all semester because it was a first in more ways than one; being that it was from 6 to 8:30 PM, once a week, and a new teacher to boot. With this news I know for certain I have 3 A’s out of my 4 classes, with a highly probable A in the 4th; making this my 2nd consecutive semester to have all A’s and my 3rd consecutive semester making the Dean’s List. I am overly joyed at this for many reasons. I choose to opt out of my finals in all my classes, because the teachers drop the lowest test grade and all mine were high B’s or A’s; this opt out for my night class was a no biggie at first, we turned in an essay and a test worth major points each the last day of class before finals week and didn’t get those grades back before we made our decision, I put faith in my writing and test grade and choose to opt the class as I had a B and 2 A’s on the other tests. For the last 7-9 days or so I’ve had a feeling of anxiety that I may have botched my test or essay, paired with the forfeit of a potential grade raising final, and it has gnawed at my confidence until I got the e-mail saying the final grades for that class were posted and, much to my elation and thus this post, I received an A in the class! A HUGE burden has been lifted from my mind and now I can truly say my Winter Break has started.


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