Equal Representation of Religion

This rant relates to this article, please give it a read before continuing: http://news.yahoo.com/group-unveils-satan-statue-design-oklahoma-224102124.html. An aside, I think the statue looks pretty awesome.

As noted in the article provided above, a religion war is brewing in Oklahoma over the issue of the proposed creation of a new statue representing Satanism; also note that in the same area on public grounds a representation of Christianity was erected without a second thought. Now, as I’ve mentioned before in other posts I don’t particularly fancy religion as a whole so I hold no real dog in this race; however, I do believe that if one religious group is allowed to be represented on public grounds then all religions should be given the same liberty so long as the representations are paid for by the organizations themselves and the images represented are inoffensive from an artistic standpoint (which is a very broad standpoint in itself). On a personal note I love the depictions of angels and demons alike throughout art, I especially like their varied depictions in literature outside the domain of religious texts; I can see the significance they each carry in religious texts, but I do not feel the depiction of one in art to be any more a problem than the other because art is subjective. A major negative side effect to this sort of freedom of expression is the thin line between what measure is a religion to be represented, this could lead to issues given the possibility anyone could potentially justify funding a similar project based on their own beliefs. Of course there is the possibility of creating areas where such representations of religion are collectively displayed, but that would have a huge amount of cost attached to it if the notion spread across the country. Still the main issue is people are fighting against the project because it goes against their religious views despite not preventing their own religious views from being expressed, only offering an alternative representation in public; this is not a reasonable justification at all and it in fact goes against the precedents set by the American legal system.

(As always if I made any outstanding errors please bring them to my attention. I welcome any comments and encourage them wholeheartedly.)


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