College Annoyances – Volume One

This rant is brought to you by Madisonville Community College, specifically the school’s main site, online bookstore, and the Blackboard program online classes are controlled through.

So today marks the first official day of the Spring Semester of college, which is also my 4th semester at MCC. Now, my classes weren’t scheduled to start until Tuesday the 14th of January but I had 2 online classes scheduled that have their materials set out by the week so I decided to get a jump on my first assignments; little did I know that this was the start to an annoying 4 hours of fighting.

For starters, it turns out my State Government course turned into a surprise 3rd online class despite being listed as a physical class on the registration, the schedules, and anything else that references it; this class has so far been the least problematic in that, despite being an unintended burden (I hate taking online classes unless I have to), it has been the most well laid out on the Blackboard program and has caused the least amount of actual problems.

Next up is an issue with my Intro to Comparative Religions online class; turns out the online bookstore I had to special order my textbook from screwed up and listed a textbook for a completely different English-based class, a mistake that cost $150+shipping which I may or may not be able to get refunded. The book issue can be overlooked, I could keep the book if I can’t get it refunded no big deal, but the book I do need has errors on the order page for the copy without a probably useless (teacher has yet to confirm) online program added on; the difference here being at least a $60 price difference plus the shipping and time to arrive, at least the teacher is cool about the issue and extended any assignments that need the book a couple of days to allow shipping.

Finally we come to my other online class, Greek and Roman Mythology in Trans. This class’ first assignment is to do a quiz over the syllabus, not a particularly difficult assignment… except the syllabus will not function properly as it is made through Adobe and has some sort of error. I have until the 15th of January to do the quiz based on the syllabus or I get locked out of the class for the entire semester with no hope of readmission – oh and they take the money from my financial aid and I have to pay that back next semester or I can’t attend the college until I do so. I emailed the teacher about the issue with no response as of yet, I intend to wing the quiz on the 15th even if I don’t get the syllabus working by then, the quiz isn’t even for a grade so this issue really irks me…

These issues aren’t even true day 1 for me, I still have my apparently only in-class class tomorrow and have to figure out why my surprise 3rd online class has a room number and time. In all likelihood this post topic will get at least 2 more volumes before the month is through, with another next month if financial aid issues come up again like last Spring.


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