Slight Hiatus–College

I have been on a slight hiatus for the last few weeks, this is partly due to a combination of headaches causing me to sleep for much longer than I should and college taking up the waking hours starting from 6 AM to at the least 3 PM (also a part of the headache causation.) This post is mainly to say I’m still around, just not able to actively post like I want to; the other part of the hiatus is I have either been too tired to actually take notice of rant worthy materials or have temporarily pacified my otherwise raging desire to be a devil’s advocate at all times… so I request topics of discussion so that I may have a focal point to direct my thoughts towards during brief periods of lucidity. If topics are sent in I will use my downtime at the college to respond, really it’s the most I could do there since the college Internet system is extremely bad this semester.


One thought on “Slight Hiatus–College

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