Greek-Roman Mythology Discussion Board 1

This assignment was a blanket use assignment to discuss what we aimed to learn from the class and what society can learn from social studies such as this.

  For modern society the study of mythology is a particularly strange topic that may offer unexpectedly profound information about the psyche of humanity. As mentioned in Classical Mythology the exact origin of mythology has yet to be pinned to any single specific reason but has been narrowed to essentially the product of attempts to personify the elements of life, often in the form of pairing contrasting qualities as rivals. Myths have also been alluded to as being the reflection of the values held by the society that they were centric to; this quality carries over to the contemporary notion of religion.

                As myths could be considered the rough framework that the basis of religions were built on; the study of myths could carry over to the study of religions and their impact on culture and organized society among other related topics. I see religion as a relic of social control; so far I’ve drawn similarities in function from the myths of ancient times. Of particular note the transition from traditional Greek and Roman mythos to the rise of Christianity will be a crucial point of interest in the coming chapters; as religions do typically emulate one another, whether intentional or not, the parallels they express is interesting to note and shows a changes of values society expressed across the region while the typical theme of the tales remain more or less the same. I’m a bit cynical in my regards for the function of religion; any study that aids in the understanding of the origins of religion and its social function may also help break societies dependency on archaic notions, that is something I desire to see.


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