Comparative Religions Chapter 12 Response–Sikhism

Sikhism is another religion formed in the same relative geological region as quite a few of the previously discussed religions, most notably Islam and Hinduism. Sikhism was first envisioned by Guru Nanak who was born during the 15th century CE in an area of Northern India known as Punjab; Punjab was a unique location due to its culture being half-Muslim and half-Hindu, the meld of these two cultures and their religious affiliations can be at least partially credited as the conditions from which Sikhism was born. Sikhism combines traits from Hinduism and Islam with its own unique twists; the result is a monotheistic religion set up through a series of ten prophet-esque Gurus that focuses on the unified benefits of all mankind and the worship of a single, omnipresent god; like Hinduism Sikhism holds to a belief in karmas and reincarnation but unlike Hinduism Sikhism is monotheistic; Sikhism takes its ideals of a one true god from Islam, but it adds that all other religions worship the same god but in a different way and by different names. Sikhism at its roots is a religion the centers on the benefit of all regardless of their previously established caste or social standing; community benefits, such as a free community access kitchen known as langar, are funded by a mandatory donation of 10% of one’s income to the religion, akin to how social securities and taxes work in government.

Sikhism’s message of benefitting all of humanity is not undermined by a lack of fervor in defending their own from the military forces of others; in fact, due to a militarization based on strictly volunteers set forth by the Sixth Guru Hargobind, Sikhism has taken upon itself to be a defender of religious freedom of not only itself but of all religions. The tolerance of all other religions is an uncommon trait in other religions but to take it a step further to create a safe haven for a follower of other religions is a trait almost entirely unheard of. As a whole it seems Sikhism is a mold breaker in terms of religions, if more religions were more like Sikhism especially in terms of tolerance of others than the world would be so much better off.


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