What should the goals of a system of Criminal Procedures be?

First off, I am back! The bad news is, I’ll be posted a lot of college stuff again. While these aren’t the worst things I could post they are a bit of a cop out to actual content but I may get back into writer mode and return in full swing!

Anyway, here’s the post.



The core of American society, indeed what should be the basic foundation for any respectable governed body the world over, is the fair and just treatment of its citizens in a manner that ensures equal protection from not only other citizens but from the governing body itself; it is with these protections in mind that our system of criminal procedures was developed. The immediate goal of any system of criminal procedures should be the fair and accurate review of all cases to determine the guilt or innocence of an individual or individuals based on criteria defined by the governing body; in the United States this comes in the form of criteria defined by State Constitutions that is restricted by the United States Constitution. Then and only thereafter guilt has been established in accordance to the law may the goal become to administer punishments; as dictated under the individual state’s constitution, so long as it does not undermine the basic rights defined and guaranteed under the United States Constitution.


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