About me

My name is Bradley Furgerson, I am 19 years old, soon approaching 20, and despite my short time in this world I have had many life experiences that make me somewhat of an oddity of my generation; in text form, especially in the early and formal format, I tend to indulge in a more lavish method of thought conveyance that tends to showcase a slight god complex I tend express, so please bear with me as that may be the case often. My blog title, the Lair of the Filtiarn showcases a minute detail about my personality; Filtiarn means Lord of the Wolves, I tend to use similes and such relating to wolves as part of my “divine persona” if you will.

I will have several categories where I will sort answers for my Q&A and Rants & Opinions sections, if you ask a question or provide a topic in the hopes of a response from my point of view or if you post and I make a response it will appear in that general area; I will link back to your comments the post. As this is a roughly configured blog I may have a little technical difficulty every now and then, I will address them accordingly.


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